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We're Hiring: Executive Assistant


Team Hair Growth Lab is seeking a tech-savvy Executive Assistant to join our remote team! 

Are you a purpose-driven and hyper-organised Executive Assistant with a passion for supporting others and leading change?

As a young beauty education startup on a mission to disrupt the beauty industry and change the way women think, feel and approach beauty… we’re looking for a tech-savvy and change-making Executive Assistant. 

You’ll be a key part of the company, supporting the entire team in building our rocketship that is heading towards a future where women are fully in control of the way they feel about themselves and the way they choose to live their lives. 


As our Executive Assistant, you'll be responsible for: 

👭  Being the CEO's right-hand gal! You'll be working closely with Sarah and supporting her in her day-to-day responsibilities. This means stepping in for her when needed and helping to remove obstacles from her plate so she can focus on supporting the success of our students and community.

📚  Being the go-to resource for the team. When in doubt, you'll be there to save the day! You'll always know what everyone in the company is doing, where to find which resource, who to talk to for which topic and how to get the right help in place. 

✨ Assisting all departments in recruiting purpose-driven and change-making team members. This includes identifying key roles needed, writing and posting job openings, assisting with interviews and assessments, helping to make the final decision and ensuring clear communication with candidates.

🔎 Providing quality control. With so many resources and content being created for our students, and a big website upgrade coming + HGL 2.0... You'll apply your attention to detail to ensure our service functions as promised. 

💡 Organizing our company drive. You'll ensure that all content created within the company is well-organised in an easy to use filing system that everyone can easily access. You'll also find ways to improve how we organize information and company knowledge. This includes a place to host all research pieces, course content, marketing materials, and more.

📔 Administration of HR, Finance and Operations processes. You'll have your eye on payroll, issuing bonuses, team member onboarding and offboarding and escalating any issues in the company to leadership. You'll also be using your laser-focused attention to detail to ensure that all systems, SOPs, project management tools are up-to-date and accurate.


You'll thrive in this role if...

🌟 You strive to become a leader. You believe setting others up to succeed is your highest responsibility. You love to inspire and motivate others and support them in doing their best work. You can take responsibility for your work and strive to lead a big team one day.

👭 You enjoy working remotely, autonomously and collaboratively. You love the fact that you get to create your own schedule because you’re a natural go-getter. You’re also incredibly self-disciplined to stay on top of your role and communications with the rest of the team.

🔍 People compliment you on your strong attention to detail. You take an analytical approach to decision making and you're able to envision solutions end to end while being able to foresee and overcome obstacles too!

📊 You have project management skills. You are hyper-organised and able to help the team deliver their projects within budget and on time. 

🙇‍♀️ You love to learn and you're endlessly curious! You make no assumptions. You would rather spend time asking questions and figuring out what problem you are solving before diving into execution. You love picking up new projects you've never done before because the challenge of learning excites you!

💗 You’re empathetic and supportive. You can put yourself in our customers' and team members' shoes, and identify what they need to be happy, productive and fulfilled at work. You can champion the well-being of everyone around you, and use your time to help everyone become the best they can be. 

👩‍💻 You're tech-savvy with systems thinking abilities. You thrive when having to turn an inefficient or complex system, or a bunch of unorganised data into a simple and easy to use system. You get excited about automating processes using online technologies such as Airtable and Zapier.

🧠 Design thinking ability and good aesthetic taste. You can tell a good design from a great design. You could go through every piece of content inside HGL and write an endless list of feedback on how to make things better and easier to use for our students. 

🌸 You’re incredibly passionate about empowering others through self-care, beauty and education. You want your work to show in our mission and for it to directly impact our customers’ quality of life.



Position: (20 hours per week to start with before transitioning to full-time)
Position Start Date: May 2020
Location: 100% remote!

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