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Student Success Story: From Insecurity and Embarrassment to Feeling Confident, Beautiful and Feminine!

Welcome to our latest Student Success Story! Today we are celebrating Bobbilee who joined Hair Growth Lab suffering with greasy and thin hair that was making her very insecure! Read her story here:


What hair problems did you struggle with before you joined Hair Growth Lab? 

Before joining Hair Growth Lab, I was suffering from thinning hair and greasy scalp. It was looking more and more dark brown, my hair is naturally light brown and blonde in the front. This forced me to wear my hair up almost every day for a couple years. This majorly affected my confidence; I felt insecure, less beautiful and feminine. I was sad and embarrassed and always wishing it looked like it used to 5 years ago, but just didn’t know how to get there!


What made you decide to join? 

I found the program on Instagram, I can’t quite remember how but I’m so glad I did! When I first saw it, I thought it would be about $4000 and was thinking, well I am really insecure about my hair and really want to make a change so I’ll save up and apply for one of Sarah’s contests and in the meantime sign up for her newsletters. I read every single word in her emails. I trusted her and I could really tell she knew what she was talking about and it wasn’t some gimmick. Sarah really, really cares about people like me and I think she can help me heal my hair issues in a healthy, sustainable way. My hair issues...I was going through a period of paying attention to my skin, creating a proper beauty routine for the first time, and my overall style. I had recently hired a personal stylist for work because I was on camera a lot and hosting events etc! It was like a rebirth moment in my life, so I decided to join and I had a little more time on my hands due to the pandemic and I was truly so over feeling like crap about my hair.



What results have you seen since implementing the learnings? 

My hair feels thicker, has a cool wave to it, and looks lighter again. The colour is quite cool actually, it kind of looks like I have a balayage even though I don’t, which is how it looked when I was growing up. It is not as greasy as it used to be and yet I don’t have to wash it as often! The first thing I implemented was not brushing it when it was wet which was a big change for me as I used to always brush it when it was wet! This change seemed to give my hair more of a natural wave and now for the first time in my life, my hair can actually hold a curl! At weddings I used to have to have my hair done twice because the curls would fall out, which was such a waste of money.

I don’t wear my hair down as much and when I wear it up I put it in a silk scrunchie. I would say I am still struggling with some greasiness and keeping the thinning at bay when I have a stressful week for example. Now that situation is getting better, I am hoping my hair will also get better. And it’s mostly my fault, I fall out of the hair routine I set up for myself in the class and I can totally tell!

Overall I feel way more feminine, beautiful...I just feel really good! I like to get dressed up, wear make-up and be more girly and fun. I am happier and more smiley too! I think this confidence boost has helped me become more intimate with my boyfriend as I feel sexier too!



What areas of the Hair Growth Lab Course made the biggest difference for you? How did it feel having a community to be part of?

Prior to HGL I didn’t know a thing about hair and everything we were taught in class was fresh for me. I took a million notes and was like a kid in a candy shop for the first time. Therefore, learning about all this new stuff was really cool and made a huge difference for me! 

I already used natural products before, so that wasn’t a huge surprise for me, but it was cool to learn about what works and how to use different ingredients correctly. It was great to learn what a hair care routine even looks like, what are the different steps and how you can do them properly. Before, I felt like I was buying so many different products that didn’t always work and now I know what to buy, I am going to save sooo much money in the long run. This course is certainly an investment and will help you spend less on your hair throughout your whole life by teaching you what you need to know! During and after the course, I told everyone I know about what I learned, such as how you can dilute your shampoo and that there are different hair and scalp types that need to be treated very differently! I have also been teaching my boyfriend so he can have a proper routine too. So if you do invest in the course you can share the knowledge and experience with your friends and family as well which I think makes it a really fun experience!

The Hair Goals Hub is a super fun community and it was useful to be able to interact with the other women in there and discuss each other’s questions. I could have used it more, however I really liked that it is there and available to me whenever I need it or try something new. It made me feel very supported and that people were there to help whenever I needed!



What is the next goal/milestone you would like to reach with your hair?

I need to try a different pre-poo routine so I’m working on that, I think what I’m doing now is making my hair on the greasier side. I wonder whether I am using too much oil, perhaps? I haven’t yet done the hair masks which I would like to start trying out in my routine. Lastly, I would like to increase my density too, and being a vegan who doesn’t pay a lot of attention to having enough protein for how much I exercise is part of the issue here too. So my goal is to focus more on this and incorporate more plant-based protein rich meals!

It is amazing to see how much Bobbilee has achieved so much in only 3 months! However hair goals aside, it is her own happiness and confidence that has been such a huge positive change! We know she will go on to achieve so much and are honoured to be able to watch her flourish!

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