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We're Hiring! Student Success Manager

💜 Team Hair Growth Lab is seeking a passionate Student Success Manager to join our remote team! 💜
As a young beauty education startup on a mission to disrupt the beauty industry and change the way women think, feel and approach their beauty goals… we’re looking for a highly empathetic and passionate Student Success Manager to support our beautiful students on their journey to becoming their most confident and powerful selves 💪

This role is perfect for you if…

You’re a past or current Hair Growth Lab student and you not only love taking care and learning about your hair, but you’re passionate about helping others care for theirs too! 
Do people describe you as genuine, patient and empathetic? Do you have a passion for helping others learn and grow? Do you jump for joy when you see other women turning their (hair) dreams into a reality!? Are you passionate about mentoring a community of go-getting women and facilitating their incredibly important journey to self-love and self-confidence?
As a Student Success Manager at Hair Growth Lab, you’ll be doing exactly that!


🌈  Providing a welcoming and warm experiencing to our students across all our programs 14 Day Challenge, Hair Growth Lab and Haircare Collective.
🤷‍♀️  Answer student questions across our communities (anything from "How do I download the workbook" all the way to "My routine is not working for me what am I doing wrong?")
👩‍🔬 Troubleshoot students' routines based on their Unique Hair Profile (don't worry, we'll equip you with the training you need to do this successfully!)
🤚 Support the team in creating new community initiatives such as improving support, launching student lead projects and whatever makes our time together more fun and effective!
📝 Interview our amazing students via call or email to help them celebrate their success in our Student Success Stories!
🔧 Collect student feedback and suggestions and work with our production department on prioritising critical improvements. 

The perfect candidate will have...

💼 Organisation talent and stress management skills -- you are able to keep cool in midst of chaos respond to student inquiries with ease and on time.
❣️ Emotional intelligence - you are self-aware and know how to deal with people who've had different experiences from your own. You know how to communicate compassionately and are able to show love to those who need it.
🗣 Effective communication -- you can make complex concepts easy to understand for our students. You can inspire others to make a change by explaining the meaning behind every practice.
💡 Self-directed critical thinking -- you're able to solve complex problems and take action on your own by using all our internal resources. You love to come up with creative ways to solve difficult problems.
👩‍🎓 Strong customer/student focus - you're ready to become our internal voice of our students. Our students' satisfaction is your highest priority and you're willing and able to fight to make sure they are satisfied and have what they need to succeed.

Being part of the Hair Growth Lab Team means... 

  • You’re an integral part of a unique, tight-knit, hard working and quickly growing company that is changing the way women think and care about their hair. You must enjoy working from coffee shops, co-working spaces or a sweet home office! 

  • You have flexibility and freedom to work from anywhere in the world(yep, anywhere!), create your own hours and design your own schedule. Pssst…we strongly encourage weekend adventures with your family and/or kids and practicing extra self-care!  

  • You’re all about changing the world and empowering women in the Hair Growth Lab community to go after their dreams.

  • You love being a part of a hard-working remote team and collaborating online with other team members around the world!
  • You’re all about growth– personally and professionally and you’re excited about the opportunity to grow with our company and change the lives of women around the world!


Just fill in the survey below or click here to apply. Can’t wait to hear from all you amazing ladies!  ❤

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The 14-Day Haircare Challenge is here!

Boost your hair health, improve your wellbeing and take your self confidence to the next level.. in just 14 days.


In 14 days, you'll have:

🌿 A healthy haircare routine that makes your hair, health and the environment happy

🥑 A diet makeover that will boost your hair health and physical wellbeing.

☀️ A powerful morning routine to set the stage for hair growth and self-confidence for the coming day.


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