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Step 1 - Pre-Screening

Is the challenge right for you?

Our priority is to ensure you achieve great results during the 14-Day Haircare Challenge. This pre-screening quiz helps us determine if your current situation will allow for amazing results over the next two weeks. If your situation is considered compatible with the program, you'll get an invitation to register upon completion.

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Step 1: 

Participation Screening


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Summer at Home Special

14-Day Haircare Challenge


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  • Better Hair & Better Health Video Training (normally $99)

  • 14 Day Challenge Workbook (normally $39)

  • Haircare Ingredients Blacklist (normally $24)

  • Better Hair & Health Nutrition Manual (normally $29)

  • Beginner's Guide to Making Haircare at Home (normally $29)

  • Beginner's Guide to Silicones & Sulphates  (normally $29)

  • 1-Month Free Access to the Waking Up Course by Sam Harris (normally $15)

  • Exclusive Better Hair Members-Only Community

  • Certificate of Completion


Total Value $249

Now $37.35 (85% off)*

*This is a limited-time offer to encourage you to stay safe, healthy and working towards your hair goals during the pandemic. 

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14 Day Haircare Challenge

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