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14-Day Better Hair & Better Health Challenge

Scroll down to see all the haircare goodies you'll receive when you join.


For 14 days, Sarah Tran will train you step by step, so by the end of the challenge you will have:

🛁A detoxified haircare routine that makes your hair, health and environment happy

🥑A diet makeover for optimal hair health, physical health & mental wellbeing

☀️A powerful morning routine to boost your hair growth and self-confidence for the coming day


To achieve all of this, you're going to receive:

📹14 Day Challenge Video Training (normally $99)

Over 14 days, you’ll work through daily video missions which guide you through the process of how to clean up your routine, how to effectively introduce products that are good for you, how to fuel your body for better health and stronger strands, and how build the perfect morning ritual that sets you up for a day (and life) of great hair and great health.

✔︎ Daily video lessons and tutorials
✔︎ Step-by-step instructions and guidance on how to complete your tasks successfully
✔︎ Graduation Masterclass to prepare you for your best hair even after the challenge is over


📚14 Day Challenge Workbook (normally $29)

This workbook helps you work through every mission and keeps you organised throughout the challenge. We've added templates and worksheets so you never get lost. Think of this book as your personal coach that walks you through the challenge and your journey to better hair, better hair and a better you. Step-by-step, day-by-day.

✔︎ 120 pages of worksheets and guidance 
✔︎ Daily written exercises to help you internalise your learnings
✔︎ Daily tracking pages to help you stay on top of your routine 
✔︎ Templates to help you build your new diets and routines


🧪Haircare Ingredients Bible LITE (normally $19)

With the constant flow of haircare marketing, it’s easy to forget that products aren't as beneficial as they seem in the advertisements. The Haircare Ingredients Bible LITE contains blacklisted haircare ingredients and their safety ratings. This searchable database helps you analyse all your haircare products so you can determine if any of your products contain ingredients that could destroy your hair’s health in the long-term. 

✔︎ Determine how safe or toxic your current products
✔︎ Assess future products you want to buy for their safety rating before purchasing 
✔︎ Look past marketing claims and learn the real scientific evidence behind each claim


🥑Better Hair & Health Lifestyle Manual (normally $19)

This guide contains everything you need to create your own hair health meal plans to fuel your hair growth and reduce your hair loss. It removes the guessing game when it comes to eating a healthy diet for your hair. You'll know what to eat, when to eat it and just how much you need to eat too!

✔︎ Learn what deficiencies you have and how to overcome them easily and safely
✔︎ Maximise your keratin and collagen production for thicker hair and plumper skin
✔︎ Understand what nutrients your hair needs for optimal health


🧴Beginner's Guide to Making Haircare at Home (normally $29)

The best way to have full control over what’s in your hair care is by making your own. This guide will show you how to effectively make haircare at home and provide you with the right substitutes for any toxic product that might still be hiding in your cupboard. This recipe book will help you keep you hair in top health while saving money at the same time.

✔︎ Formulate your own haircare products such as shampoos and scalp treatments -- completely feel from toxins!
✔︎ Learn the best practices for making DIY haircare that can be stored safely and gives you results 
✔︎ Take your DIY products to the next level by venturing away from food products and using extracts and botanicals  

👩‍🔬Beginners Guide to Silicones & Sulphates (normally $29)

Silicones and sulphates are some of the most misunderstood ingredients in the haircut industry. With this guide you’ll be 10 steps ahead of everyone who thinks all silicones & sulphates are bad and you’ll know how to leverage the different kinds for your best hair.
✔︎ A list of silicones and how to fit them into your routine
✔︎ Minimise bad results and accidents by understanding the risks and benefits of certain silicones and sulphates
✔︎ Learn when and how often they can be used for optimal results and minimal side-effects

👭Exclusive Better Hair Members-Only Community 

You’ll become part of the exclusive members-only Better Hair Community where you will be encourage to share your daily missions and progress with other members.  This is the perfect place to retreat to if you're looking for a supportive group of like-minded women who are on the same journey of bettering their hair, their health and themselves! Only love here.

✔︎ A safe space to form friendships with women who share similar values and goals 
✔︎ Receive accountability when you need it so you stay on track
✔︎ Seek support, guidance and recommendations 

If you're looking for a detailed breakdown, you'll find it on the previous page. 

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For support contact:  [email protected]