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Hair Growth Lab Premium

You're about to enrol into Hair Growth Lab Premium 

Throughout the next 5 weeks you'll learn my uniquely powerful approach to achieving your longest, densest and healthiest hair...

I'll hold your hand as we analyse your unique situation and develop a tailor-made routine that gets rid of your hair struggles... all without the need for expensive products or salon treatments.

You'll get instant access to the course which includes 6 Modules and an ever-growing library of haircare content and resources.


PLUS you'll also receive the following bonuses if you check out now:

🤓7-Part Workshop : How to Schedule Your Haircare Routine (normally $99)

In this 7-part workshop, you'll learn about practical ways to set up your hair care schedule and stick to it. This includes creating effective habits, streamlining your routine and learning to put your haircare regimen on auto-pilot so you can carry out your routine in record time while still gaining maximum results.

🛒Product Recommendation Database (normally $49)

If you’re feeling lost between the shelves at the drugstore or confused about the mixed reviews on the internet, this database will save you loads of time and help you find exactly what you’re looking for based on your hair profile. It offers products for any hair situation and any budget so you can save time scouring the internet for recommendations. All you need to do is check that it fits your hair profile and you’re safe to go.

📄Cheat Sheets (normally $49)

If you don’t like taking notes and love consuming your information through graphics, then these cheat sheets are made for you. They deliver key information from the program in fun and easy to digest materials. Information is laid out for you for the fastest and easiest learning. You’ll be able to quickly look at any information you’d like to verify or check in the future.

💰 Masterclass: Dramatically Save Money on Your Haircare Routine (normally $99)

This Masterclass will equip you to never fall prey to false advertising while empowering you with the knowledge to identify products that are worth your money. Even better, it will help you cut your spending on haircare by hundreds of dollars per year.

👩‍🍳DIY Homemade Haircare Recipe Book (normally $29)

This book contains my tried and tested true all-time favourite homemade hair masks, scalp treatments and more. The recipes contained in the book are based on years of trial and error. I’ve curated the most simple and effective recipes that can be made with household food items. If you’re looking for organic, chemical-free and easy-to-make hair care recipes, you’ll find plenty in here!

🥇Tools to Success Workbook (normally $49)

If you tend to be an unorganised person, this is the perfect perk to keep you on track as you move through your hair transformation journey. As you go through the program, the worksheets will help you organise your haircare routine, track your progress, analyse what products you’re allergic to, build better haircare habits so much more.

🥑14-Day Healthy Hair Growth Meal Plan (normally $49)

Modern diets are severely lacking key nutrients for healthy hair growth. Unfortunately, taking supplements simply isn’t enough due to how your body absorbs them.

This 14-Day Meal Plan removes the guessing game when it comes to eating a diet that promotes strong, thick and healthy hair growth. You’ll gain access to 14 days worth of meals which include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks so you know exactly what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it to give your hair exactly it needs.

🍜Hair-Loving Meals Cookbook 40+ recipes (normally $49)

In order for your body to effectively absorb the nutrients your hair needs, they must come from natural sources in natural amounts and paired with other naturally present nutrients.
The 40+ recipes in this book were developed with a nutritionist and chef when I experienced an extreme bout of hormonal-related hair fall and acne in late-2018. My hair and skin recovered faster than I could imagine and my students have seen great results too!

The Big Book of Supplements (normally $99)

This big book of supplements guides you through all the available supplements that have the ability to improve different hair care concerns. Learn how to stack and layer different supplements to target your specific problems or bring out results you wish for. From what to take, to how much to take, when to take it and where to buy them. This book covers haircare supplementation plans from A to Z.

📚Haircare Ingredients Bible - 500+ ingredients covered (normally $199)

With the constant flow of haircare marketing, it’s easy to forget that products aren't as beneficial as they seem in the advertisements. The Haircare Ingredients Bible contains over 400 ingredients and their safety ratings. You’ll also learn which ones are Hair Growth Lab approved and blacklisted. This searchable database helps you analyse all your haircare products so you can determine if any of your products contain ingredients that could destroy your hair’s health in the long-term.

🍶The Ultimate Guide to Hair Oils (normally $99)

Hair oils are deceptively complex. Some oils are great for strands, but terrible for the scalp. Some oils help with dry ends while but cause hair loss when used incorrectly. Some oils work well for certain hair types and cause damage for others. This massive guide to oils breaks down over 100 oils and explains what they're meant to be used for. It dives into which hair profiles each oil is compatible with and how to use them for the best results while minimising damage from incorrect application.

14-Day Better Hair & Better Health Challenge (normally $249)

The 14-Day Challenge contains fun haircare exercises which students can complete in between the Hair Growth Lab modules and afterwards. The daily missions are designed to keep you motivated towards caring for your hair, and includes another 6 bonus haircare resources! By the end of the challenge, you'll have:

🌿 A detoxified haircare routine that makes your hair, health and the environment happy.
🥑 A diet makeover for optimal hair health, physical health & mental wellbeing.
☀️A powerful morning routine to set the stage for more hair growth and self-confidence for the coming day.

💁‍♀️Access to Exclusive Membership Community #HairGoals Hub 

This is the place you go to if you have any questions, issues you’d like to discuss, or you’d like to find a supportive group of like-minded people who are on a similar hair care journey to you. We will talk progress, success and failures, and share tips and tricks to overcome any hair care hardships.

Your purchase is backed my 7-Day No-Risk Guarantee and well as my 365day do-the-work success guarantee. If you don't like what you're learning inside The Lab or you don't reach your goals, you can request a refund, we process any request in under 24hrs

For support contact: [email protected]